Tour69 Emerges as THE D.R. Adult Vacation Operator

Tour69, which is a very well known and popular dominican adult vacation company, is found to have one of the best customer retention rates in the industry. The company is known to retain more than 80% of its customers, who return back to them for more vacation and holiday packages & services. The whole industry is awe struck with this and there are many competitors who are trying to find out tour69’s business secrets to find out how they are able to do this.

In the last few years, a significant number of people began opting for adult vacations and holidays. These vacations are getting popular only because now people are looking for something different rather than the places which they have been visiting since their childhood. They now want to come out of their comfort zone to explore more and are eager to go for holidays where they can have lot of fun and enjoy the most memorable and entertaining time of their life as adults.

There are now a significant number of adult vacations options available. However, those who think that they are all the same or that they can take their child with them on these trips are wrong. They should certainly check the list of terms and conditions given by their travel operator and do their homework, because if they did, they would certainly find a clause which states that only adults above 18 years of age are permissible on these vacations and that Tour69 is it when you compare apples to apples. Also bringing children won’t give one enough independence and the trip will become another usual family occurrence where they keep on running behind their kid, taking care of their requirements and not really relaxing and enjoying themselves.

Tour69 has been in this industry for over ten years. They are among the pioneers of this service. They along with a small handful of other operators were the ones who actually came up with this idea, and implemented it. They are now introducing innovative changes to it to make it even more memorable and a more joyful vacation experience for each of their lucky guests. Only the best in adult and singles vacations are offered to their customers at the best possible prices year round where the customer is always #1.


About Tour 69

Tour 69 is a popular and well known Dominican adult vacation tour agency. The company is a pioneer of many unique and in demand vacation services and has been present in the industry for over ten years. They opened in the year 2001, and since then, have been offering competitively priced Dominican Adult Vacation packages and related services with a personal touch for singles, groups, and couples to enjoy year round.

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